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CBD hemp oil is effective in alleviating pain because it is able to affect the body’s naturally occurring regulatory processes through the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid
system is the system responsible for balancing the regulation of communication between cells and immune response. Other mammals (apart from humans) can benefit from CBD oil for its
ability treat pain and maintain a level of homeostasis within the endocannabinoid system.

CBD is the cannabinoid of choice for many people who seek pain relief for their pets because it is all-natural, non-toxic and very effective. Additionally, CBD is non-psychoactive so it will not
induce a “high” in your pet. Studies show that CBD is effective in treating pain and a broad range of health conditions, and is just as effective in other mammals. Among CBD’s other benefits for pets include:

  • Treatment of Seizures and Epilepsy- Typically when pets experience seizures, they are administered phenobarbital and potassium bromide. This is extremely harmful to their liver (particularly dogs) and other organs. CBD has been proven to reduce the frequency of seizures in pets without the harmful side effects.Increase of appetite and reduction of nausea- The
  • National Cancer Institute reported CBD to increase appetite and control cancer. Additionally, CBD can reduce the vomiting and nausea for your pet.
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health-Veterinarians found CBD to be linked to good heart health. CBD can reduce the damaged blood vessels, irregular heart rate and protect the blood vessels in your pet.
  • Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease-CBD can prevent colitis and restore a normal gut motility in your pet. There is a wide variety of CBD supplements for pets in all sizes. CBD offers therapeutic advantages and has been proven to be beneficial for alleviating inflammation, anxiety, nausea and seizures in pets. If you are in need of an all-natural alternative to treating your pet’s pains without the harmful side effects, consider CBD.

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